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It's simply beautiful, a great campaign. Thank you guys for all your effort. —Moreira (on our website)

Flat period…

Posted by Nicolas in Media, Progress

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A quick message to tell you that we’re not dead yet. It’s just a flat period… I am working for my master of engineering final exams, Geoffroy is working for his end of the year exams, and Marc is still working hard at Ubisoft while doing his best to focus on the campaign each evening.

Louis fears the dark

We don’t have any release date for the moment, we’d like to focus a bit more on levels and finish this up before we can think of an approximative date. But this will definitely be somewhere this summer (most likely july). Here is an approximative completion percentage for each level of the campaign.

  • Forest: 95%
  • Manor: 85%
  • Underground: 99%
  • Lumberyard: 65%
  • Lakeside: 30%

Stay tuned for more developer banter until the release.


14 Responses to “Flat period…”

  1. The Irwinator (cbrain) says:

    That’s ok. I’d rather wait for something more finished than rushed.

    God luck with your exams. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    No worries man, we know it’s not dead yet! And I feel your pain, having exams at the moment as well.


  3. Sl@yEr says:

    Good luck and BON COURAGE!!!

    Take your time to finish what we could call the real fifth campaign of left4dead!

    (BTW, I am also waiting the Crossroads Mall campaing)

  4. Anonymous says:

    huuurrryyy uppp it looks so awesome!!!!!!! but better later than buger(BUGS) xD
    Good Luck

  5. Anonymous says:

    We’ve waited 10 year for the Duke to show up again. We are very patient :D. 5 years of development is ok, but after that … ;)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow, july promises to be an exciting month for L4d fans.

    So there is no need for the release of the formal SDK for l4d for we to be able to play new campaigns?

  7. doktor10 says:

    wow we have recently discovered this amazing project here in Spain, good luck with your exams and thanks for spending your time and effort mapping for l4d

  8. Anonymous says:

    Good luck whit your exams =)
    Et comme tout les profs. le disent : C’est la derniere ligne droite avant la grande détente ( a moins que vous n’ailliez pas fini l’école ;D)
    Bonne Chance !


    PS:Moi aussi j’ai des exams !! :D

  9. Anonymous says:

    good luck and please dont forget to add your campaign on and when it is done :-)

    – Mahlzeit

  10. Zecomm says:

    I wonder If they heard about Left 4 Dead 2 being announced..


  11. Geoffroy says:

    of course we do ;)

    we’ll probably clarify our position about this shortly

  12. Joel says:

    Cant wait for this to be finished :) Yummy!

  13. N/A says:

    Good luck. I know how you feel, I'm at the end of my program as well; studying for finals and working on my demo reel.

    Good luck, may you all do well and i look forward to the release.

    I just hope that this campaign will also work with L4D 2.

  14. Zac-UK says:

    Looking good, I like your environments and style. Glad to see there are more developers of full blown campaigns who are actually taking time to plan and study the engine in depth to ensure a complete and fully playable release.

    I look forward to new information, i hope the old survivors will be available to use in L4D2.