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I will say that the manor battle is one of the most gruelling I have personally ever experienced. The infected literally come from every direction, every hole in the wall, even from the toilets! They are jarateed, and they're out for blood! This will truly be the fight of your life, FOR your life! —The_Garden (

Advertising and notifying

Posted by Nicolas in General, Progress

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Just a quick note to tell everyone to try the Suicide Blitz campaign for Left 4 Dead 1. We don’t know the guy who made it, but kudos to him, we were asbolutely thrilled when we played it yesterday. The campaign is brilliant and beautiful, full of details and sweet lighting. Plus, the ambience is really great, the difficulty high enough for a great challenge and the optimisation is quite good too. The five maps and the overall campaign are a bit too long (took us almost 3 hours in advanced) but it’s definitely worth a try. One of the best campaigns we stumbled upon for the moment.

Aside from this, we’re still working hard on the campaign. And as you can see with the semi-chaotic release of Dead Before Dawn a few days ago, we were absolutely right when we talked about how bad Left 4 Dead 1 was supporting custom campaign. That encourage us to wait more and more, until Valve releases the patch they’re talking about for months.

On the bright side, our maps are finished. Two of them are in the optimisation process, four of them are in the final navigation meshing process, and then it should be finished for good. We won’t give any hint on a possible release date for the moment, we’re not planning anything since there’s too much unanswered questions for the moment. What’s sure is that we won’t release anything until Valve fixes Left 4 Dead 1 for good. But for the moment, they still have some time.

PS: Ok, the guy’s named R.T. Frisk, see in the comments.


20 Responses to “Advertising and notifying”

  1. guillaume says:

    But for the moment, they still have some time.

    I'm not so sure… L4D2 launch is in 15 days, and what all the gaming community feared is about to happen : the community begin to split.

    As L4D2 is already a best seller, I don't think that Valve will pay a lot of attention to the "old" L4D.

    Damn, 1 year old and already old.

    Btw, can't wait to play your campaign, guys :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I look forward to playing your campaign! Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

    About the other campaigns,
    Dead Before Dawn is everything everyone said it is and then some. (And i havent even played the whole way through yet.) I'll check out Suicide Blitz, never heard of it until now.

  3. RTFrisk says:

    Hey thanks for the advertisement guys! Name is R.T. Frisk, so now you know me :) Still keeping my eye on this one too, can't wait to see how it turns out!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah guys ! Suicide Blitz is awesome… Much better than Dead before dawn (my opinion of course). It's a good thing to talk about this great campaign. Thanks RTFrisk ! (Working for Valve, hun ?)

  5. Downloading suicide blitz !

    Love the comunity suport by the comunity.

  6. smokeyoliv says:

    As i usually post a comment on any news, so this my contribution for this one.
    Yes Suicide Blitz is awesome, good tempo, nice Finale part, in stadium.

    We made a try yesterday on Dead Before Dawn, and we and a crash loading second map (memory error), we stopped…)

    So Finally, we are not waiting for U but for Valve to end its game with a good patch. Evene Left4Dead2 demo was patched….!!!
    So maybe we'll have the 2 on novemeber 18, but how long for a game with no bugs…

    And as I played the demo, i prefer the dark mood of the first, cause in the day U can't play with the fear of Dark, so….

    A bientôt.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I play on the Suicide Blitz on versus and i must too say map is good… but, its not too much optimize for evry infected. I hope I hate mountains will be better to game on versus.

  8. Anonymous says:

    About Suicide Blitz: on the street car are not touchable for tank :/

  9. Anonymous says:

    Juste quelques trucs… DBD est un flop non pas uniquement parce que la campagne est mauvaise, y a 2 millions de bug et les puzzles sont mal fichus, mais aussi parce que le fait de ne pas en avoir fait un VPK a rebuté la plupart des joueurs. J'conseille vivement d'attendre meme la sortie de L4D2, mais de résoudre ce problème. Au passage, félicitations pour Portal:Prelude qui est absolument magnifique (et vachement difficile :D)

  10. Thanks. We know that and that's why we are waiting their "promise" patch. Don't worry about our release!

  11. stocker says:

    So you are now sure that once a patch is relased that you will release your campaign?

  12. Nicolas says:

    Don't make us say things we didn't say. We said we weren't going to release anything before a patch comes out. That's all. Of course, if a patch never comes, we might as well release it anyway.

  13. Dustin says:

    It's a very very good campaign

  14. aragornbr says:

    suicide blitz it's a great campaign, really enjoy it! one of the best! check out Night Terror as well, new update made it a perfect campaign!

    Now, i'm really lookin' forward to I Hate Mountains…loved the Portal Prelude…
    IMO you guys should stop waitin' Valve realising new SDK content/update and just realese the campaign…we players know the usual problems that appears in customs campaigns!

    its a player's opnion though, not a mapper's.

    cheers from Brazil and sorry for my english!

  15. stocker says:

    What i meant was that you are now 100% sure you will release it?

  16. les says:

    I assume you are aware of CC_Nipper's excellent Night Terror campaign. Anyway's here's a grab of his comments about custom sounds from Steam forums:
    [0 – 99 posts]

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    pakrat the sounds into the bsp before you vpk everything
    this worked for night terror, as far as I know everyone can hear our custom wavs now without running snd_rebuildaudiocache

  17. aragornbr says:


    yes, that's true! there's a lot of custom sound at Night Terror and to play the map you don't need to run snd_rebuildaudioache on the console

  18. Nicolas says:

    Yeah, if we want to increase each map size by 40 MB, why not. But we're deifinitely not going to release the same kind of campaign than Dead Before Dawn. We want our campaign to be light.

  19. stocker says:

    Ij ust hope that it doesnt automatically feel old like so many other custom maps that stuck with default textures.

  20. aragornbr says:

    well, i wouldn't care if the campaign increases 100mb in size to customs sound work in the vpk files

    100/150mb is not that much

    that's me sayin' i want this campaign out NOW
    lol, just kiddin'