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After playing through the campaign, we must admit we are impressed. Right from the beginning, it showed off impressive amounts of quality. We are eagerly looking forward to the full release. —FilePlanet Staff (by e-mail)


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Because it’s been a long time since we last provided new materials, here’s 3 brand new action screenshots taken from the Lakeside level during our last playtest. We try to keep as much mystery as possible around this one, but we’ve been busy working on weather recently and as it turned out pretty good, we wanted to share it with you. Color correction is awesome.

Also, playing with the right music is always important!


38 Responses to “Thunderstorm!”

  1. Loone says:

    je vais passer pour un imbécile mais … c'est quoi un ETA ?

    Et sans donner de date, vous pensez être proche d'avoir fini ?

  2. Nicolas says:

    ETA = Estimated time of arrival.

  3. Andy says:

    Please, please, please continue to work on this….please!

    I can't wait till it's finished and we can all play!

    It would be ashame to get this far and not release it!!!

  4. roseap says:

    sick lightening! can't wait!

  5. Le Ranger says:

    Terrific screens ! Oh my…
    High high artistic level like all the others I could sneak peak until then.
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Hope not to make a fool of myself, and please don't be offended. But could the meteo effects be disabled for old graphic cards ?
    Bonne continuation, courage pour continuer l'oeuvre.

  6. Nicolas says:

    @Le Ranger:
    Weather effects are automatically disabled by the game on low-end configurations.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love Left4Dead 2, but the original one is still my favorite game. And I believe that this awesome campaign should deprive at least third part of the Left4Dead 2 audience, because it's really splendid. So keep working. People from all around the world is waiting for it's release.

    P.S. And once more.. Hello from Russia ^^

  8. Anonymous says:

    wow! i've just stumbled upon your mod and i'm speechless.
    i've been disappointed with every L4D mod i played but this one.. just looks good!
    you guys have some amazing skills and i wish you the best of luck with this mod and any future projects.

  9. Hervé says:

    google is only dropping support for FTP publishing on blogger by end of March. But maybe this is what you are using now.

  10. Nicolas says:

    Indeed, this is what we are using because we need the website to be on our server, and not on Google ones.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Are all the maps done except for the fourth map with the problem during the event?

  12. Nicolas says:

    All the maps are done, we're just polishing things up.

  13. Loone says:

    Merci Nicolas …

    Je fais partie d'une petite équipe qui continue de jouer sur L4D premier du nom, et on attend votre campagne avec impatience, alors n'abandonnez pas !