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New particle effects and many custom models have been thrown into IHM to make it a tremendously polished product which could easily be mistaken for an official Valve campaign. —Glenn (

New website and Left 4 Dead 2 compatibility

Posted by Nicolas in Lamentation, Progress

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A few months ago, I told everyone we needed to migrate our website before the end of march because Google was dropping Blogger‘s external publishing feature. Finally, they extended the date to mid-april, and then to the first of may and since procrastination is my religion, it’s been only two days I started migrating the website. So far everything seem to have gone well with the import, but if you seem to encounter something strange, please report it directly to me :

For the moment, there’s nothing more to show you unfortunately. We’re in the process of making what have been done on Left 4 Dead 1 compatible under Left 4 Dead 2 and this is not as easy as Valve said it was going to be when they released the so-called Left 4 Dead 2 Add-on Support. Basically, the thing is crippled with problems, there’s content from Left 4 Dead 1 randomly missing everywhere. Sometimes it’s a texture definition file although the texture itself is present, sometimes it’s a model that only lacks its textures, and sometimes they even replaced a perfectly valid Left 4 Dead 1 model with another model from Left 4 Dead 2 (like a mop changed into a bucket or a caboose into a wagon railing). Not to mention the content from Crash Course, which is entirely missing.

Of course, this is not helping us to make the campaign compatible. So far, we repackaged all the missing content, but there’s still a few issues to solve, like a violent crash when starting the fourth level. For a tool that was supposed to allow us to easily port our Left 4 Dead 1 campaigns to Left 4 Dead 2, I guess it totally misses the point. Anyway, that’s not much a problem anymore since we’re used to it now, it just takes longer.

By the way, stay tuned because we’ll update next week (if everything goes as planned) with the promotional screenshots we’ll send to various websites to notify them about our upcoming release.


18 Responses to “New website and Left 4 Dead 2 compatibility”

  1. NykO18 says:

    I’m just playing with the new commentary system.
    Nothing too formal.

  2. b3r53rk3r says:

    Wow I’m so excited about this upcoming release!! I played Portal Prelude and it was just amazing and I’m pretty sure “I Hate Mountains” will be one of the best custom campaigns ever made. I visit your website regularly since the beginning of the project and never lost my hopes for this project.
    IMHO if the L4D2 compatibility is so terrible, You could release IHM for L4D1 a bit earlier. Then for L4D2 after some time. But I will wait for this campaing as long as needed because it’s worth waiting.

  3. MrMudd says:

    Sweet been following this campaigns progress all along! Cant wait to play it…the new website is awesome too!

  4. Davide3i says:

    Thanks from Italy for your hard work. =)
    The new website is awesome too.

  5. crowbar87 says:

    you guys are amazing. I allways had faith in this project and the devs.
    looking forward to the pics next weekl


  6. Zac-UK says:

    Really Love the new website guys! Really great, but considering the amount of things you have on your plate at the moment I’m sure a new website was at the bottom of your list! Heres to hoping for a straight track to the finish line! No banana skins on the track, no red koopa shells and I hope valve are all out of blue shells! Keep going YOU’VE ALMOST WON THE TOADSTOOL CUP, err i mean. Good luck with the final parts of the project!

    • Nicolas says:

      You bet, this task was way down the list but Google decided we had to put it back on the first place. I wish I didn’t had to do it, we lost two or three more days…

  7. Mahlzeit says:

    Nice new website :-)

    Very interesting information about the issues.
    Makes me wonder why Valve did that :-(

    I am very thankfull that you are sacrificing your time for that portation!!!
    (Just not satisfied with the limited variety of guns and special infected in L4D1 anymore.)

    Thx and success

  8. Random_dude says:

    Good to hear you’re still in the fight !

    We’re all waiting for your campaign guys, don’t stop when you’re almost on the finish line, nail that campaign for bloody hell !

    Prove these lazy guys at Valve developing the L4D tools they were completely wrong, the fans CAN bring a high quality campaign on L4D1 AND L4D2, show them the modders are the boss here ! :D

    “Impossible n’est pas français !” ;)

  9. Fightspit says:

    “I Hate Mountain” team said on Twitter:

    “We’re finishing up the L4D1 version now and we’ll branch over a L4D2 version later. We can’t maintain both versions at the same time.”

    That is cool :)
    It is a long time that I didn’t play l4d1 but I am sure I will play this awesome campaign several times !

  10. DEFme says:

    Sounds great. For the love of all that is holy, I hope to see this soon.

  11. sergent_degueulisulfurik says:

    Félicitations pour tout le boulot accompli jusque là,
    je suis impatient d’y jouer.


  12. Ben Houghton says:

    Are you guys currently affected by the Hammer bug that blacks everything out? I am and it’s very frustrating! Keep up the good work though guys the community can’t wait to play this campaign!

    • Nicolas says:

      Nope, we are not affected by any bug whatsoever.
      On the other hand, we’re not using the L4D2 SDK for the moment.

  13. komar says:

    allez les petits frenchy , faites nous encore réver avec votre french touch ;D

    bon courage et encore merci pour portal prelude (meilleur que l’original sisi chapeau bas ) et j’attends avec impatience la campagne

    Vavle chie dans la colle , ment au joueurs comme au moddeurs je trouve ca bien triste , une vraie plaie ce SDK !!!!

    Courage , j’attends la fin du projet depuis +d’ un an environ j’ai hate ….. vraiment !

    Encore merci pour votre archanement , qui sera récompensé à sa juste valeur !

    un fan et admirateur , de votre cohésion , de savoir faire , et de votre patience ;D !

  14. komar says:

    Makes me wonder why Valve did that :-(

    i will answer tha question for u dude ;D

    cuz they re frightened that the community could equal or even do better job than valve ,

    if u wanna sell some l4d2 (and later on l4d3….), obviously tha best solution is to do some tricks to tha hammer tool , by this way nobody can acheive decent work on it …..

    this way they kept for them the knowledge and the possibilty of doing a great campaign or even a single map without bugs or troubles ….

    sry 4 my speaking im just a little frog !

    • sergent_degueulisulfurik says:

      Tu peux parler Français c’est pas un problème, regarde dans “meet the team” tu comprendras…

  15. Bruce says:

    Are you guys currently affected by the Hammer bug that blacks everything out? I am and it’s very frustrating! Keep up the good work though guys the community can’t wait to play this campaign!