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This is the type of quality custom campaign I've been waiting to see since L4D first came out, and by god it is awesome. —blownchunks (

Help us promote I Hate Mountains

Posted by Nicolas in Media

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When we’ll release the video trailer tonight (if everything goes well) you might want to help us promote the campaign on your website, blog or forum, so we made a little press kit that contains several type of pictures.

  • Logos, icons and banners for I Hate Mountains, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2
  • Multiple sizes: XXL (1680px), XL (1280px), L (960px), M (640px), S (480px) and XS (200px)
  • Multiple qualities: High quality (PNG), good quality (JPEG 90%) and medium quality (JPEG 75%)

There is also a large quantity of screenshots in:

There’s a preview of what’s inside the press kit on the Logos and banners page. We’ll link the trailer on the front page and on this Logos and Banner page with an embedding code once it will be released.


10 Responses to “Help us promote I Hate Mountains”

  1. Yomgui says:

    Bonjour. Etant français expatrié au Japon, je vais m’affairer à promouvoir votre campagne sur les sites japonais pertinents. Gambattene.

  2. doktor10 says:

    Count on me to promote your amazing work guys, i’ve already prepared a review of your campaign in (the biggest community of spanish and south american l4d players), and when you release the trailer i will add more content to that post.
    Also i could promote IHM in, one of the most powerful forums about games here in Spain.
    Good luck with your release, and remember if you want mirroring help (megaupload premium) just ask!

  3. jewishcarpenter says:

    So in summation what you want us to “spread the ‘hate’ “? haha. Consider it done.

  4. vkdemon says:

    Can we spread this through torrents after the release?

  5. doktor10 says:

    Awaiting this trailer as fresh air into my lungs

  6. Cyril says:

    Pour ce que ça vaut, je vous ai fait un petit article :)

    Courage pour cette dernière ligne droite !

  7. JPC says:

    Well you guys are welcome. Got a nice banner right next to Primal Carnage at the bottom of my forum. Hopefully you guys put us in the credits in the special thanks section! Keep it up guys!

  8. Mahlzeit says:

    Maybe you can announce it here in the L4D1 section :-)