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This new campaign contains five different maps with extreme action and unique beyond-realistic atmosphere. L4D1 lovers will rejoice it to the max. —Ayan Debnath (

I Hate Mountains Trailer

Posted by Geoffroy in Media, Progress

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Here we are, last playtest gone perfectly well, last problems approximately solved (there’s still a few things but we can’t fix them), we think it’s time to get serious. As we promised in the May 18 news, we’re now releasing our video trailer. That gives us a last week to finalize everything and organize the release. We’ll hope you’ll enjoy it!

Be sure to watch it on Vimeo to get the HD quality!

If you prefer Youtube, there’s also a Youtube version. thanks to doktor10

Will the campaign be released for Left 4 Dead 2?

The campaign will initially be released for Left 4 Dead 1 and a Left 4 Dead 2 port should follow a few weeks later. We can’t guarantee the Left 4 Dead 2 port yet, because it’s not as easy as some people think is it to port a complex campaign like I Hate Mountains from Left 4 Dead 1 to Left 4 Dead 2. There’s missing models, and there’s missing Left 4 Dead 1 survivors (obviously), which means there’s also missing voices, and missing textures, and missing sounds, and missing entities (from the Crash Course update), and missing particle systems and missing infected populations, etc. We don’t really see how easy it is as soon as you start using most of the features the game offers.


56 Responses to “I Hate Mountains Trailer”

  1. ToMee says:

    good job guys, it looks very promising :)

  2. Yotho says:

    A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!

  3. Aqualung says:

    To put it politely – holy cow. That trailer was spectacular. Canada eh! but not released until June :(

  4. comatrix says:

    Et ben les gars, inutile d’ajouter quoique ce soit, ce serait puérile, par contre compliments pour le travail effectué, en espérant que un jour je puisse réjouir de votre compagnie dessus ^_^

  5. Hey Nicolas. Already posted this to the list but I just wanted to say this looks GREAT. Congrats to you and your team! Can’t wait to play this!

  6. Holy cow! This is 105% cool!

  7. Dirka_Dirka says:

    Been waiting for this for ages.. video looks great. Only thing that could have made it better is when your shooting the tank and the song goes “Bang! Bang! Bang!”, is if they were synced up.

    Hope ya port this to L4D2, since Valve is releasing custom content on their official servers (as you mentioned in a previous blog, city 17 and dead city are already on them).

  8. André says:

    Awesome Trailer. It´s comiiiiiing

    Hahhahahahahahahahahahahhahuahuahuahauha /Crazy laught

  9. Cameron:D says:

    Awesome work!

  10. mike G says:

    Man this looks so awesome I’m a huge l4d fan and I cant wait for this campaign. You guys did an awesome job on the trailer :) especially that helicopter crash. Ive always wanted someone to do a false escape rescue that goes bad and they have to find a new escape. I always thought that would be the coolest scenario in l4d. I cant wait to play this you guys are awesome :D

  11. _S_E_R_G_ says:

    This is AWESOME! Great job!

  12. vkdemon says:

    Hey, it’s amazing! Really! Great design and playability! Crashin helicopter surprised me… :-))

  13. doktor10 says:

    I’ll just say that this is even better than a imagined! The music really fits with the video. BANG BANG BANG BNAG!
    I’ve uploaded the video to YouTube, because i can’t insert vimeo in nor mediavida, if you want me to erase it just ask.

    It is still processing so the quality looks like crap, but give it a few minutes

  14. funkypipebombofdoom says:

    This is made of pure awesome!

    Awesome trailer with some awesome zombie killin music <– check
    Awesome scenario idea <– check
    Awesome scenario name <– check
    Actually awesome realization <– (from the looks) check
    Awesome mapdesign, big detailed interesting environments <– (from the looks definitely) check

    As i said, made of awehsuum !! ;D

    Pls, try to port it for L4D2!

    Keep up the good work! ( Maybe a new project for L4D2 ? ;)

    Will surely play it @ day one!


  15. Necrophagist says:

    AWESOME Campaign!!! Could someone tell me, which song is in the trailer?

  16. Stock Photos says:

    I can’t wait for this to come out, great job guys!

  17. doktor10 says:

    Look up in the comments:
    Clutch – Electric Worry

  18. krateos_29 says:

    Yeah! things like the helicopter crash in real game action makes me horny!

    Also, I’m impressed that somebody saw the easter egg of your campaign that I put in mine campaign (the burguer tank poster).

  19. Ankh says:

    Well, you’ve convinced me to reinstall L4D1. Because damn that looks good

  20. Sam says:

    Seeing all those Canadian flags, I got all choked up and patriotic, I wouldn’t even mind if the release date turned out to be July 1.

    Seriously, looks amazing! Hint’s of a few other campaigns I love, so this looks great.

    Thanks in advance (again).

  21. Mahlzeit says:

    This looks so good, I will even dig out my dusty L4D1 for that masterpiece.

  22. Captain Chirac says:

    Ceci… est… épique !

  23. doktor10 says:

    Congrats! Now you are in our main page, check it yourself:

  24. dark_inferno says:

    i hope this will be L4D1 only (no f***ing L4D2 Port because l4d2 sucks)

    • Mike G says:

      Yes a campaign this awesome belongs on the original. All the awesome campaigns from the original l4d I’ve seen ported over to l4d2 Are turned into complete crap compared to the l4d versions. They just aren’t the same. I have not played 1 campaign on l4d2 that I’ve liked even a little but I can name about 6 or 7 amazing campaigns that challenge Valve’s campaigns on the original.

  25. iSh kaSh says:

    this looks amazing! the tank spawn at the road with all the cars around is simply genius.
    i’ve posted a link to the trailer and wrote a bit about the campagin. hope you get all the covarage you deserve since this is gonna be legen— wait for it —dary!

    BTW – great music choice. love the song