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I couldn't say how much inspiration the mod took from L4D2 but it has a hybrid feeling of both games. It certainly feels ahead of the original L4D1 campaigns in terms of detail and game mechanics... —Glenn (

I Hate Mountains Trailer

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Here we are, last playtest gone perfectly well, last problems approximately solved (there’s still a few things but we can’t fix them), we think it’s time to get serious. As we promised in the May 18 news, we’re now releasing our video trailer. That gives us a last week to finalize everything and organize the release. We’ll hope you’ll enjoy it!

Be sure to watch it on Vimeo to get the HD quality!

If you prefer Youtube, there’s also a Youtube version. thanks to doktor10

Will the campaign be released for Left 4 Dead 2?

The campaign will initially be released for Left 4 Dead 1 and a Left 4 Dead 2 port should follow a few weeks later. We can’t guarantee the Left 4 Dead 2 port yet, because it’s not as easy as some people think is it to port a complex campaign like I Hate Mountains from Left 4 Dead 1 to Left 4 Dead 2. There’s missing models, and there’s missing Left 4 Dead 1 survivors (obviously), which means there’s also missing voices, and missing textures, and missing sounds, and missing entities (from the Crash Course update), and missing particle systems and missing infected populations, etc. We don’t really see how easy it is as soon as you start using most of the features the game offers.


56 Responses to “I Hate Mountains Trailer”

  1. kondor7 says:

    Wow, realy nice trailer ! This campaign seems to be a “must have” on our computer HD =o

  2. Kazaanh says:

    Oh my god this looks freakin awesome.
    I see many details and there is also rain + nighttime.
    It will be epic and my favourite campaign.

  3. Soviet says:

    Wow. At first I was incredibly amazed, but after that chopper crashed….words can’t even describe how beautiful that was. I’m starting to wonder if even Valve’s campaigns will be able to stand up against this.

  4. Kazaanh says:

    I think guys after this map release , L4D1 dedicated servers will get crashed.

  5. mendoza says:

    Just AWESOME! ;) thanks a lot for your great job, guys!

  6. Buzz says:

    20/20 !!!

    Wow, vous avez TOUT déchiré.
    Et dire que vous avez presque abandonné ?!
    Rien que la séquence de l’hélicopter, ça déglingue toutes les maps officielles de Valve !

    That’s how an official map should be done. WATCH AND LEARN, VALVE!

  7. doktor10 says:

    About the compression i think that the best choice would be .rar it’s the main compression format used nowadays

  8. André says:

    For compression, RAR and Zip are very good.
    Any choice you make will be good :)

  9. doktor10 says:

    If WinRar can open 7ZIP i think there’s no problem because Winrar is widely used as decompresser software all over the others

  10. Liszto says:

    bravo à vous encore une fois pour tout le travail accompli. J’ai une seul chose à dire j’espère que Valve après ça comprendront qu’ils ont bien fait de vous aidez et que eux aussi se sortent les doigts du cul pour faire quelque chose dans le même. Car pour moi, votre campagne est meilleure que les leurs (d’après le trailer).
    Pour le format de compression, un format libre me semble le plus adapté donc 7zip est le format, qui, selon moi est le plus adapté, c’est celui qui compresse le mieux :D.
    Encore une fois félicitations à vous et si le courage vous en dit, tentez de porter ça sous L4D2 avec la notorité acquise par sa sortie sur L4D1 peut-être qu’ils vous aideront…

    Congratulations to you again for all the work done. I have only one thing to say after that, I hope that Valve will realize that they have done well and that you are helping them also leave their fingers’ ass to do something the same. As for me, your campaign is better than theirs (from the trailer).
    For the compression format, free format seems most appropriate, therefore, is 7zip format, which I think is the best and one that compresses the best: D.
    Again congratulations to you and if you have the courage to say, try to bring it under L4D2 with the notoriety gained by its output on L4D1 maybe they will help you…

  11. ASD says:

    Looks amazing, can’t wait for it

  12. vince says:

    no surprise

    bravo les gars. respect

  13. Underworld says:

    Looks amazing! Cant wait!

    Hope that the L4D2 port is a possibility but this will have me loving the original for a long time yet :D

    Video is fantastic.

  14. Islidox says:

    I hope this map isn’t too graphics intensive (looks like a very huge map for each chapter) since I run off of a subpar laptop. Looking at the trailer, it could give Vienna Calling a run for its money for the longest custom-made map, and that was also a very well done map.

    Either way, epic epic map. I’ve been telling my friends in-game to check this map out (with link given) as well as updating my Steam profile page with a link to this site. This has got to be the next best thing to anticipate for besides the L4D DLC… which has been lost in Valve time. Definitely love what you’ve done with the map, and it’s not like Blood Harvest where the trees are so thick they friggin block your line of sight.

    • Nicolas says:

      It is graphic intensive and it needs the same recommended configuration than Left 4 Dead with a bit more punch if possible.

  15. St@soN says:

    It’s very nice to see guys that you have finally done this. When I saw a helicopter crash… I said “Wow”.. that’s just some fucking crazy idea! And not only this one.. Everything looks terrific!..
    Well, what I want to say is just “Big thanks”! Big thanks to you not for getting up your work in the middle, but despite of all the problems you had, you kept your word and get everything done!
    You are the greatest mappers ever, thank you! =)

    Best wishes from russian fans! xD

  16. […] кампании для первой части Left4Dead – I Hate Mountains. Судя по трейлеру (youtube/vimeo), кампания – просто ураган. Релиз назначен на […]

  17. Aaron Jones says:

    Having played this twice, we could not see any evident second escape route. Got to a location, got fixed to the floor and couldn’t move, duck, jump just fire. Eventually got over run. No way out.


  18. Razean says:

    what annoys me is the chapter names (i know its a petty thing but they arnt in left 4 dead style}
    they should be something like
    The Forest
    The Mansion
    The underground (id say The Catacombs but not really my choice)
    The Sawmill
    and lakeside finale is fine

    keep the next custom campaign in true l4d naming style please
    but everything else is nice

  19. Willa Mench says:

    Hey, I just forwarded this to some friends, loving it!

  20. Pacha says:

    Guys I really love you for that awesome campaign , so there is only one way I could thank you guys, would you like to take my ass or prefer some money?


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