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This campaign is the best custom campaign I've ever played. It has a pretty awesome atmosphere and the music just fits in. —Stuffinator (

Logos and banners

Posted by Nicolas in General

Help us promote I Hate Mountains

If you want to help us promote the campaign on your website, blog or forum, we made a little press kit that contains several type of pictures.

  • Logos, icons and banners for I Hate Mountains, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2
  • Multiple sizes: XXL (1680px), XL (1280px), L (960px), M (640px), S (480px) and XS (200px)
  • Multiple qualities: High quality (PNG), good quality (JPEG 90%) and medium quality (JPEG 75%)

There is also a large quantity of screenshots in:

Press kit preview

Here’s a preview of what’s inside the press kit.

Preview of the press kit

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