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I love it, our community love it. It’s the best custom campaign I ever played. I love the details and the gameplay. It’s hard but amazing. Really great job. You made our weekend! —StuKKa (on our website)

Video trailer

Posted by Nicolas in General

This video trailer wasn’t really on our plans but we thought it would be unfair not to provide a bit of gameplay footage before the release, so we put this video together in a matter of three days including the recording and editing. It may not be the best video editing work ever, but we’re happy with the result because it really reflects the way the campaign plays. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

By the way, the music is the same Valve used on their Left 4 Dead 2 trailers back in 2009. At this time we dug it so much we decided to reuse it as a clin d’œil as we say in France. The track is Electric Worry from the album From Beale Street to Oblivion by Clutch. Check out their website.

Before anyone asks, yes, I bought their songs but no, we don’t have the right to use them on our trailer. We hope that as long as our project stays totally non-profit and non-commercial they won’t put us in trouble. We could be wrong, but at least we tried.

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