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Simply perfect! Thanks for your Time and effort you guys have put into this. —Sascha (on our website)

Oh boy, is it already June 2010?

Posted by Nicolas in Progress


I can’t believe we’re already the 4th of June 2010.
Guess what happens today…
at some point of the day…
later this evening…
around 8pm GMT…


96 Responses to “Oh boy, is it already June 2010?”

  1. mike576 says:

    YAAY !! :D

  2. ncom0pl says:

    OMG, is this the end of the world?

  3. Manakel says:

    Super esprit en tout cas, j’adore et je brûle d’impatience !! Toute la team va sauter dessus !

  4. Loone says:

    Aujourd’hui hein ?

    Le 4 juin ?

    Vraiment ?

    ‘tin les gars vous êtes trop bons si c’est vrai ^^ … c’est mon anniversaire aujourd’hui, ce serait un super cadeau !!!

  5. Kell says:

    You wouldn’t believe how perfect the timing of this release is for me and my friends. It is indeed going to be a good weekend. Cheers guys, merci beaucoup, maple syrup and moose for everyone!

  6. Elric says:

    I hope you’ll release it as a torrent too on launch. Would hate to see your servers fall over because of the load and nobody able to download it until that’s fixed. Or download it at 5kb/s or so because of the hundreds of concurrent downloaders :)

  7. RHANE says:


  8. zepmastor says:

    est ce que 20h00 gmt (+1) ou (+2) pour la france je c’est pu lol

  9. Ewigo says:

    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 !!!!

  10. James Curtis again for the millionth time says:

    Ohmygoshness, ONE HOUR LEFT! :D

  11. exploderator says:

    still holding breath… whole family turning blue… gonna be a lan party tonight

    official posted torrent release is great idea, keep it coordinated, so many early d/l’ers can share the burden for all. glad to seed for a while.

  12. St@soN says:

    1 hour left! Oh, my… It’s comming out??? Is it really happening to me? xD

  13. xDay** says:

    Je viens de me refaire portal prelude, juste pour me rappeler ô combien ça risque d’être AWESOME§

    merci d’avance ;p

  14. mike says:

    what’s the time in france?

  15. RHANE says:

    Is it released ?

  16. CruZer says:

    Votre trailer est très alléchant, j’ai suivi avec intérêt les news par rapport au développement de cette campagne. Elle m’a tout simplement l’air d’être une bombe et va se hisser en haut du top 3 des maps customs avec Death Aboard et Suicide Blitz.

    J’ai hâte que vous la sortiez :)

  17. smalink says:

    Bon, un week end ou je vais devoir tester à fond la campagne^^

    Just half an hour to the release!

  18. Hattori says:

    20:40 nothing :(

  19. vkdemon says:

    10 minutes…

  20. vkdemon says:

    22:50 in Saratov, Russia… :-)

  21. Hattori says:

    10 minutes to 9PM :) RELEASE PLIS!!

  22. Ewigo says:

    Valve Time ;)

  23. Holger says:

    I hate waiting !

  24. zepmastor says:

    yeah 20h00 :D

  25. Hattori says:

    21:05 in spain and 20:05 PM in the GTM but nothing :(