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One of the things really worth mentioning [...] is the environmental details. It is truly captivating, the solitary lanterns and the fireflies combined with the ambient sounds give it a unique beyond-realistic atmosphere. —The_Garden (

Autumn news

Posted by Marc in Media, Progress

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Hi folks,

We really think that it’s time to give you some fresh news about what’s going on and what’s planned for the Left 4 Dead 2 version of I Hate Mountains.

  • First of all, if you didn’t check our Twitter recently, you have to know that Nicolas moved in Montréal (Canada) a few weeks ago. So Geoffroy and me assumed the end of the conversion and we are currently working on it. Nicolas actually helps us as much as he can with the help of MSN and Skype.
  • Then, you have to know that we took a long break since September. However, just after the 1.1 release, we listened to all of your critics and built the 1.2 version of I Hate Mountains.This version is already finished and will be simultaneously released with the L4D2 version.

About this last one, we are currently working hard on it and it shouldn’t be too long for a release ! As we said on Twitter last week, we fixed a deadline but we prefer not to reveal it for the moment.

Apart from this, we are trying to adapt our original poster into a L4D2 layout style. But we actually hesitate between two instances. Tell us what is your preference, and we will choose according to your votes! (choose screen 1 or 2 in your commentary)

Please keep in mind that these propositions are still work in progress.


Finally, we received a postcard from Francis and his folks. They currently spend some VERY good time in the Canadian forests, and expect to see you again as soon as as possible!


And a last word : Thanks to Valve and their last DLC which has greatly simplified our work! It took time, but it’s finally good!


40 Responses to “Autumn news”

  1. The Garden says:

    Lol good ol Frankie is wielding a sexy katana, and the others are still showing off measly crappy L4D1 shotguns? Talk about evolution lol!

    Going off-topic lol, but this all sounds great. Personally I prefer the first WIP poster, though perhaps the edges could be a bit more dirt-tattered and eroded, you know, having been on the ground for so long and exposed to the elements.

  2. xbolt says:

    Great to hear 1.2 is coming soon!

    Personally, I like the second one. Except that the poster is at too much of an angle. Make a little more flat towards the camera, and it’ll be perfect.

  3. Marius says:

    I prefer the first poster. Feels more like a l4d2 loading screen to me.

  4. Kirby says:

    I think the first poster is better. It fits in with the rest of the game’s loading screen theme. The second one is too much on an angle and not in-your-face and looks kinda weird (too much background, to boot). Definitly the first screen!

  5. Dzamir says:

    Great news! I prefer the second poster!

  6. CometSeeker says:

    I vote for the first screen! Better keep it like in other campagnes – a poster on a wall, no angles.

  7. David says:

    Hi! Serious work guys!
    I like the first one too. ;)

  8. VKDemon says:

    The first screen looks better to me. The second one is like the screenshot not the loading screen…

  9. Screen 1. But the second is great too. =)

  10. CosmicD says:

    great news.

    I vote for the first poster too. The second woth be great if it would have been a bit more sketchy, now it seems like a screenshot from the game… Also the angle is a bit too steep, if you would make the angle a bit closer and straight aiming towards the poster and show a bit less surrounding and make those sketchy as well, that would be a nice original poster. But like it’s now, I choose poster 1:)

  11. rgk says:

    I vote for the first screen !

    And thanks for the amazing work that you are always doing

  12. Cat says:

    I vote for the first one. And I also agree with The Garden’s suggestions.

  13. Engineer123 says:

    voting for Screen 2!

    Good to know that it wont take long until release of L4D 2 version.

  14. Elric says:

    I agfee with xbolt , 2nd is better but needs a fix to be at lesser angle. Seeing the actual map as background is cool idea though.

  15. Jamie says:

    I vote for Screen 1.

  16. Khrada says:

    The first one is better
    @The Garden
    Francis is wielding a machete, not katana.

  17. Andrew says:

    I vote for screen 1

  18. iz says:

    Screen 1 is batter then screen 2 , i.. i guess

  19. Liszto says:

    I like the first one.

  20. nico says:

    Ha, que de bonnes nouvelles. Avec des gens du forum Canard PC, j’ai refais la campagne il y a quelques jours, c’était du bonheur de A à Z. On l’a faite en expert et on a pris notre pied, c’était vraiment excellent.

    C’est avec impatience qu’on attend donc cette version 1.2 et la version L4D2 ! Je préfère nettement le premier poster.

  21. Akima says:

    I prefer the first poster. The second poster doesn’t keep in theme with the other left4dead posters, and it looks odd having the lowish-resolution in game background.

    Judging from the post card you guys are using the original characters in the l4d2 version – good choice! The l4d2 characters seem weirdly cliche and aren’t as lovable as pretty Zoe, pessimistic Francis, grungy Bill and hopeful Lewis.

    Thanks for your hard work guys! Hope you enjoyed making it as much as I did playing it. Looking forward to version 1.2.

  22. A.H. says:

    Je vote pour le second screen, je trouve qu’il met plus dans l’ambiance (; ; vivement la version pour left 4 dead 2, j’en peux plus d’attendre là !

  23. The Garden says:

    @Khrada:, it’s a katana, blade is longer and has that pattern thing on it.

    And I really gotta point out something I found hilarious. The L4D community in general consider themselves as quite intelligent, yet they didn’t pick up on a deliberate mistake I made in my review on L4Dmods. I talked about the alternate paths and I called them something like “the mother of dynamic pathing”, lol they’re anything but dynamic (in L4D terms), but noone ever said anything about it or pointed it out.

  24. NOT A KATANA says:

    See my name, then go in-game.

  25. Ban zaiii !!! says:

    Vote pour l ‘affiche 1.

    Super map!

    Une des meilleures.