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It's simply beautiful, a great campaign. Thank you guys for all your effort. —Moreira (on our website)

Autumn news

Posted by Marc in Media, Progress

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Hi folks,

We really think that it’s time to give you some fresh news about what’s going on and what’s planned for the Left 4 Dead 2 version of I Hate Mountains.

  • First of all, if you didn’t check our Twitter recently, you have to know that Nicolas moved in Montréal (Canada) a few weeks ago. So Geoffroy and me assumed the end of the conversion and we are currently working on it. Nicolas actually helps us as much as he can with the help of MSN and Skype.
  • Then, you have to know that we took a long break since September. However, just after the 1.1 release, we listened to all of your critics and built the 1.2 version of I Hate Mountains.This version is already finished and will be simultaneously released with the L4D2 version.

About this last one, we are currently working hard on it and it shouldn’t be too long for a release ! As we said on Twitter last week, we fixed a deadline but we prefer not to reveal it for the moment.

Apart from this, we are trying to adapt our original poster into a L4D2 layout style. But we actually hesitate between two instances. Tell us what is your preference, and we will choose according to your votes! (choose screen 1 or 2 in your commentary)

Please keep in mind that these propositions are still work in progress.


Finally, we received a postcard from Francis and his folks. They currently spend some VERY good time in the Canadian forests, and expect to see you again as soon as as possible!


And a last word : Thanks to Valve and their last DLC which has greatly simplified our work! It took time, but it’s finally good!


40 Responses to “Autumn news”

  1. JoP says:

    Screen 1 is great !!! I hope “I hate mountains” come very soon on L4D2 :D

  2. blabla says:

    Screen 1 pour la version left4dead
    Screen 2 pour la version left4dead2

  3. Seth says:

    first screen is better than the second

    l4d2 release before 2011? ^^


  4. Kumz says:

    Le premier screen est beaucoup plus joli,

    Le 2eme on voit pas bcp la pancarte avec le relief, l’effet est pas terrible du tout

  5. WhiteRhino says:


    Je suis vraiment pressé de connaitre votre date de sortie pour la map sous L4D2!

    J’ai rejoué moult fois votre map sur L4D premier du nom, et c’était que du bonheur.

    J’applaudis à deux main pour le boulot accomplie jusqu’ici. :)

    Et bien sûr, je trouve le 1er screen nettement supérieur!

    J’aurais bien aimé tester la map avec vous, sur L4D2, le jour de sa sortie! :D

  6. tym0 says:

    screen 1 pour moi.
    vivement la version L4D2,je vous aime!

  7. Maveck says:

    Screen 1 is the best one.

  8. Mike says:

    Sorry The Garden, but that is obviously a machete.

    On topic I like the screen 2 more. I’m definitely going to re download this for L4D when the update comes. I might as well try the L4D2 version as well.

  9. Wow. So why could not I think of this?

  10. Damaho says:

    I like screen 2

  11. Psyence says:

    Je préfère la première affiche.

  12. Morg says:

    I prefer the first one, more standard with the good idea of leaves on it.

  13. tireloveyou says:

    voting for Screen 2!

  14. Ariel says:

    I vote Screen 1.