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Almost made me wet myself. Just simply AWE -wait for it – SOME. Only in Canada eh! Don’t have a clue how you do it but visuals effects are fantastic. —Aqualung (on our website)

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Christmas news

Posted by Geoffroy in Media, Progress

Hi folks,

We are aware that most of you look forward to the L4D2 version of IHM. Unfortunatly, we must postpose the release of this version a month.

Before you blame us, let us explain the reasons of this delay. If you recently read our tweets, you probably know that agaming team is currently testing our campaign. During these tests, we encountered some significant and unusual bugs which have been never brought to light until now.

Actually, we fix the reported bugs, then we compile again the maps and we build a new VPK. Finally, the team tests it and finds other bugs to fix etc.

Previously, Lumberyard randomly crashed when a survivor picked a melee weapon. In the same kind of examples, sometimes there was almost no zombies in the Manor – quite embarrassing isn’t it?

We perfectly know that this L4D2 version of IHM is really expected. We just need few days more to tweak and refine the campaign. But we promess the campaign will be definitely released in January 2011.

Meanwhile, here is a little Christmas gift :

Again, be patient. I Hate Mountains will be a bit late for the Christmas day, but you’ll have it soon.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !


Moddb 2010 (Top100) and news summary

Posted by Geoffroy in General, Progress

With the help of your votes, I hate mountains has been picked from the Moddb top 100 mods of the year. We thank your sincerely for you support.if you want to continue to help us, please vote once again for IHM and bring it on the top 15 !

Vote on the next page, it’s free and you don’t have to register ! Feel free to share it on Facebook or Twitter on the next page too.

Beside that just as we tweet few days ago, we built a release canditate for the l4d2 version of IHM. We also found a french gaming team which accepted to test and provide rigorous feedbacks. It should allow us to find out any missed bugs and solve them. Actually, we already fixed a lot of thing with the help of these french guys, even some unusual and outstanding exploits !

Finally, The most annoying thing is that the support of custom particles has been unfortunatly broken by Valve since the release of their last DLC “the Sacrifice”. We sincerely hope they will fix this before our release, but if this is not the case, we’ll do without it. Anyway, our custom particles should be packaged in the vpk, hoping that an upcoming update could fix this.

At last, we planned to release both version ( l4d 1.2 version and l4d2 version) this month (December 2010) as soon as we finished playtests and corrections.

Until this, stay tuned ;)