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I Hate Mountains is the best campaing [sic] I have ever played! Better than the officials! —k00pa (

Christmas news

Posted by Geoffroy in Media, Progress

Hi folks,

We are aware that most of you look forward to the L4D2 version of IHM. Unfortunatly, we must postpose the release of this version a month.

Before you blame us, let us explain the reasons of this delay. If you recently read our tweets, you probably know that agaming team is currently testing our campaign. During these tests, we encountered some significant and unusual bugs which have been never brought to light until now.

Actually, we fix the reported bugs, then we compile again the maps and we build a new VPK. Finally, the team tests it and finds other bugs to fix etc.

Previously, Lumberyard randomly crashed when a survivor picked a melee weapon. In the same kind of examples, sometimes there was almost no zombies in the Manor – quite embarrassing isn’t it?

We perfectly know that this L4D2 version of IHM is really expected. We just need few days more to tweak and refine the campaign. But we promess the campaign will be definitely released in January 2011.

Meanwhile, here is a little Christmas gift :

Again, be patient. I Hate Mountains will be a bit late for the Christmas day, but you’ll have it soon.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !


22 Responses to “Christmas news”

  1. Bindal says:

    Your problems just proof once again that L4D1-campaigns shouldn’t be ported to L4D2 in the first place. Trouble for authors, losts in quality for players.

    Anyway, merry christmas or whatever you celebrate now – and if you don’t celebrate anything, you’re just a poor guy.

    • Anonymous says:

      LOL! Nice failing try there! Must not have noticed the large amount of other SUCCESSFUL ports of all other campaigns and maps that were ported from L4D1, including both custom and official! Heck, I got one of Die Screaming going lately that’s turning out just fine. Think next time before opening your mouth. You’ll just be laughed at once this does get released. Most trouble is just from things Valve changes or breaks, not just because something’s ported. Porting is actually easier if the “source files” from the original versions are kept, and I’m sure these guys save everything. Why the hell are you even here following this anyway since it appears you’re against ports? These guys have come so far and are so close that they’re not going to stop bringing this over to Left 4 Dead 2.

      • Bindal says:

        Let’s see
        – Several models are completely changed in L4D2
        – custom particles and several other custom stuff either doesn’t work or just workes barely
        – a lot of NPC-sounds are currently missing in L4D2
        – animations of the old survivors are broken
        – balacing of the ported maps is horribly easy compared to L4D1-versions (drowning in weapons)
        – the new SI usually don’t make a difference in gameplay whatsoever
        – Rendering of the visuals is totally changed and goes more to L4D2 “Happy happy zombie hunting” (as that’s the way L4D2 renders things)

        There is nothing, what IMPROVES the ports in any way. So, who’s the one failing here? Obviously you.

        • Anonymous says:

          LOL. The point of a port is not to improve. It’s for people who like older classics and want to enjoy them on the newer version of the game. Of course something might break during a port, but can usually be fixed when tried. Models can be adapted, and the animations aren’t really broken, they’re just not complete. SO blame Valve for that, along with the missing sounds… that’s not the fault of porting. Everything you listed has nothing to do with porting or mapping, it’s just a few differences between the two games. The balancing is easily adjusted within editing the maps themselves, just don’t spawn so much items, or leave it to the director. Actually, most is up to the director anyway, there’s little control over him/it. And the special infected is totally irrelevant in this subject. Ports are going to happen, like it or not, might as well get over it. You don’t like them, don’;t play them. Again, why are you here watching this anyway? You appear to be trolling, so one could say YOU fail here. I’m not here to pick a fight with anyone, just move on off of this since you’re so negative about ports and don’t really grasp an understanding about mapping.

          • Bindal says:

            Sure, some things mappers COULD try to change – but as soon as they do that and go away from L4D2s formula of “100 billion weapons per map”, people complain that there are not enough weapons, not enough ammo or it’s just too hard.
            And of course I blame Valve for f*cking so many things up, making it harder for people to port – that’s what causes the lost in quality in the first place. If porting would be easier (means when everything would be avaible and work correctly), there would be just a small difference between the two versions, which mappers can’t change. Like the broken animations of the L4D1-crew in L4D2 or the custom particles…

            And what person with a right mind want to get a low-quality-experience just because it has more content when without that “oh so great” content, the overall-quality improves drastically? Only people, who don’t give a damn about quality in the first place and just want “more, more, more!”. But if you take away that “more” from L4D2, you can easily see, how broken that game is (then again, what do you expect from something only being worked on for 10 month compared to something worked on for a few years?)

    • Anon says:

      Bindal, every single post I’ve ever seen from you has been some weak attempt at convincing people that L4D is better than L4D2.

      Seriously, move on.

  2. WhiteRhino says:

    Je vous haie! Mais joyeux noël quand même. ^^

    J’espère la release début janvier. :D

  3. CosmicD says:

    The problem with having these rolling crescendo’s is that you better do no bettlfield and call zombie horde sounds in the script, and just shorten the spawn range but not too short or its all being blocked…. well anyway this is just one of possible things i could think of…

    • Marc says:

      It’ works now don’t worry. We just explained by few examples the problems we met. ;)

      • Anonymous says:

        Glad progress is being made. Stupid trolls hating on ports, LOL. Thanks for not giving up!

        • The Garden says:

          No he hates L4D2, period. He’s one of those…….how do they call them…….the L4D1 Hammer Legion members, butthurt over their game being abandoned for and ported over to the superior version.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yea, I’m familiar with this Bindal character (I even remember you as well).

            Not surprised he’s here trolling over this great piece of art.

            Guess he doesn’t have a home any more since died.

            Shame to see this side of him though, I remember he tried helping me with a shotgun skin.

            I don’t know why people like him hate on it, sometimes you can still be your beloved L4D1 survivors (including this one), in fact, I actually prefer those kinds of maps and campaigns in L4D2 honestly. We all have our favorites, and such. I got all the achievements and over 2000 hours in L4D1, I just felt there was nothing left to do and it was time to move on.

            Again, most of the shit he’s bitched about is Valve’s fault for being lazy, not just because something’s ported. Usually anything that breaks is fixable… I have a fully functional campaign friends of mine ported for proof (an update and port of Die Screaming).

            I’ve even seen L4D1 maps ported to Garry’s Mod and they still work one way or another!

            Using a port as an excuse to call something broken is stupid when most of the time the problems are fixable if enough time and effort is put into it… even “Cosmic” knows this as well.

            For the record I’m not looking to start a fight or argument with anyone here, I just find it pointless for people like Bindal to complain about the things he did because most of those aren’t the fault of a port, and the point of a port is not to improve anything… it’s to bring back some old favorite maps and campaigns to be enjoyed again.

  4. Raoh79 says:

    What the name of music ?

  5. CosmicD says:

    That piece is called Dance of the sugar plum fairy

  6. Raoh79 says:

    CosmicD says:
    December 25, 2010 at 21:58

    That piece is called Dance of the sugar plum fairy

    Oh oh oh Thank you very much CosmicD !
    very long time serch this song and you find it , thx you :)

  7. The Garden says:

    how about letting some of US test too?? :) best way to test various rigs and scenarios. after all, often players encounter bugs that the dev team did not.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don ‘t have a reply option for Bindal’s latest reply to mine, so I’ll just comment here.

    Fair enough, you have some valid points there in that one. :)

    Again, I didn’t mean to argue with you, I just felt some things you said were just plain silly.

  9. Bane says:

    I will agree with Bindal on one point L4D2 does not feel like a Zombie Apocalypse Survival game it feels like some sort of zombie hunting comedy game (I don’t like that) I never ever liked how the jockey was designed or sounds, it’s just stupid they could have made the jockey scary but they didn’t. I will admit the graphics are superior but for just the two reasons above I can’t stand it.

    • The Garden says:

      Well I got a SI sound mod going and I always look to expand it. can you give an example of what you’d prefer the Jockey to sound like? particular creature sounds and/or where to get them (what movie/show, etc), then I’ll see what I can do.

      Main focus would be the lurking/riding sounds.

  10. The Garden says:

    And Bindy, well the extra content isn’t going anywhere, ever, so lol that helps L4D2’s case heaps. when IHM was released, that was the first (and only) time I could bring myself to play L4D1 again after playing only L4D2 since its release.

    And the experience was truly hideous, aside from the gorgeous campaign itself. Absolutely no variety in anything, gameplay felt so hollow and the only reason I forced myself to finish it was because I was asked to write an article on L4Dmods about it. But unfortunately not even IHM could save L4D1.

  11. Miami Vince says:

    Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way !
    Sur un traineau, c’est amusant, glisser dans le vent.
    Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way !
    Les cloches sonnent, la neige vole, le ciel est tout blanc.

    :-D :-D :-D

  12. Miami Vince says:


    Elle arrive quand cette p**** de campagne??? Y’en a marre d’attendre, encore et encore, et encore… On veut jouer!!!

    Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way !
    Avec nos quatres amis,
    Francis, Bill, Zoey et Louis,
    Ils ont de gros ennuis,
    Faut vite les sortir d’ici,

    Oh, oh, oh
    Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way !

    :-D :-D :-D