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This will forever be known as the first day anyone has played L4D1 in over half a year. —Mookae (

Meet the team

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Nicolas “NykO18” Grevet

Avatar NicolasAvatar Louis
Leader, level-designer, programmer, optimizer, webmaster, PR manager.
Status: IT Engineer, France
Character: Louis

Marc “Moroes” Bidoul

Avatar MarcAvatar Bill
Replacement team leader, lead level-designer, 2D artist, 3D modeler.
Status: Level-designer (Ubisoft), France

Geoffroy “Kane” Espinasse

Avatar GeoffroyAvatar Bill
Level-designer, 2D artist, 3D modeler, concept artist, animator.
Status: Student in videogames, Belgium
Character: Zoey

They helped us a lot…

Avatar ValentinValentin “Neji” Levillain
Long-time feedback, support, ideas and beta-test.
Also had to endure our uninteresting developer banter and our never-ending jokes.

Avatar Players FactoryThe Players Factory
Our testers for the Left 4 Dead 2 version. Special thanks to Miami Vince for organizing parties and to others for their participation and feedback.

Avatar AnthonyAnthony “Anth0” Cabula
Composed the main I Hate Mountains theme.

Avatar JonJon Reilly
Composed several themes that were unfortunately rejected, but thanks nonetheless.

Avatar ZacZac-UK
Bought us a cheaper L4D2 in the UK, also long-time support and technical help.

Avatar FabienFabien “Tranxen51” Berarde
Custom particle systems and visual effects.

Main testers

Valentin “Neji” Levillain Long-time feedback, support, ideas and beta-test.
Sylvain “CoinCoin” Bouland 1.3 version feedback, support and beta-test.
Pierrick “NewCripple” Boulière Long-time feedback, support and beta-test.
Julien “boudhevil” Tournay Feedback, support and beta-test.
Benoit “Bal” Stordeur Feedback and beta-test.

They helped us at some point…

Matthew L Helped us with our final version in versus mode on L4D2.
Robert Briscoe Pinetrees & watchtower models.
Decadence Source Mod Lillypad models.
Pedroleum Wildhedge model. Several awesome textures.
Adam “Supernorn” Riches Campaign poster Photoshop template.
Arthur “ThaiGrocer” Lin Helped us with our sound issues.
Adam Sierra Helped us with our sound issues.
Jacob “Darth_Brush” Wawer Helped us with our VPK and sound issues.
Technopath Fixed the .FGD issues and allowed us to start working earlier.
black_stormy Flatbed truck model.
Fearlezz, Occlusion & NovaSilisko Found how to work with L4D assets before the SDK release.
Fearlezz & Corion VTX Converter.
Nobody Worth Mentioning Chicago Ted Poem.
B0omsling Chicago Ted Facts.
KevinSpacey Chicago Ted Facts.
The Plan Collection Fountainebleau Manor House Plan.
The L4D Mailing List Thanks to all the people who helped us solve our numerous issues with the campaign.

Valve Software

People from Valve For making Left 4 Dead, but not for the serious lack of support on the SDK side and for unintentionally throwing several monkey wrenches into our work (seriously guys… we know it’s not entirely your fault but a little help wouldn’t have killed anyone).
Chet Faliszek Got the voice actors to record a few lines for us.
Yasser Malaika &
Mike Durand
Always tried to help us as fast and as soon as they could with our numerous issues with the SDK.


ne3uma DHC-6 Engine sounds.
bobby8621 Wright 3350 Radial Engine sounds.
BoilingSand Diesel Engine sounds.
eliasheuninck Crickets sounds.
Robinhood76 Cinematic transitions sounds.
jimblodget Frogs sounds
dobroide Crickets + Nightlife ambience.
greysound Swamp ambience.
Glaneur de sons Swamp ambience.
Arctura River flow ambience.
volivieri Waterfall sounds.
Benboncan Owl sounds.
nicStage Swamp ambience.
jrssandoval Sprinkler sound.
nofeedback UH-1 Helicopter sounds.
Figowitz Robinson R22 Helicopter + DHC-3 sounds.


Douglas Vitkauskas Vtks Animal 2
Douglas Vitkauskas Vtks Rascunho Errado
Kiwi Media Violation
JOEBOB graphics Onetrick Tony
Carolina Mejia Villegas Luna
Mr Fisk Little Insect From Another Planet
Levi Szekeres Levi Brush
Kreative Korporation Kaileen
Lars Manenschijn Jersey Stories!
Jellyka Nerevan Estrya’s Handwriting
Bill Johnston Ink Bleed
Érico Lebedenco Hand Test
Redruth’s Basement Software Fountain Pen Frenzy
Daniel Midgley Daniel
Pizzadude Brushed
Pizzadude Slammer Tag
Aaron Parrish Aaron’s Hand
Denise Bentulan Denne Sketchy
Studio Kmzero HandVetica
Billy Argel Lemon Day
Eden Carlsen-Rousselle Rousseau
Caroline Lindqvist Glow Carro Danish SWpiik
Sasu Skribble
Laurence Kernan No Running In The Halls
Tioem Scrum Bucket
Tom Nijs Currently Living
SnatchSoft Anarchy
AOE Typographic Institute Tibetan Beefgarden AOE
Vin Rowe Painty Paint
Daniel Rodriguez Danifont
Niels Bonnevie Oilhand
Pedro Rocha PHRocha Scrypt
Roy Carvajal Royfont
Mr Fisk Depressionist Three