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I really liked the atmosphere and level design. The campaign really gives a good sense of adventure, enormity (both vertically and horizontally), and epicness! The Valve team should really learn from what you guys have done with this campaign. —orlyarly (on our website)


Posted by Nicolas in Lamentation, Progress

Hey people, it’s not because we’re not posting any news that we’re not working. I bet a lot of people don’t understand how hard it is to come up with a campaign like this one, when you’re not paid for it nor supposed to work on it everyday for 7+ hours. Let me explain…

One regular single map can take up to one year of work to be fully finished and polished to the max (I even saw more). Imagine the work involved in building five of these at the same time. We may be three, but three is still not a huge team. On the other hand, don’t misunderstand us, we don’t want to be more. The wider the team, the poorer the management.

Also, because there’s already a certain quantity of campaigns released since the launch of Left 4 Dead and its SDK, many believe we’re just lazy. But excuse me, we played these campaigns together, and I’m not going to comment out on their quality. When you’re forced to play in god mode to finish a campaign and it still takes you more than two hours and a half to finish it… I’m not calling it fun.

Anyway, on a more positive note, here’s the progress of the campaign. The first 3 maps are finished… we played them a lot and it seems pretty solid (until the beta tests I guess). The fourth and fifth maps are in progress, approximately at 75% each. We perfectly know that Left 4 Dead 2 is coming, Marc even played it yesterday in Paris. I won’t spoil you by saying he wasn’t really impressed by the game… but let’s give them a little more time to polish it up.

Well… that’s it for the moment. There’s a lot of campaigns still under development. Just be patient, it’s not really a piece of cake to work on something like this. And if Left 4 Dead 2 comes before our campaign and people move on, well… we’ll just move on too.


30 Responses to “Imbroglio”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Take your time to make a good product. We'll wait. Not like L4D2 will make L4D maps any less fun to play. I'm looking forward to your campaign more than I'm looking forward to l4d2.

  2. stocker says:

    I will not pay 50 dollars for left 4 dead 2. I wont be buying it until it is 20 dollars so dont think everyone will move on. a lot of us believe paying 50 dollars each for the games is basically paying 100 for the game that was promised.

  3. Anonymous says:

    "And if Left 4 Dead 2 comes before our campaign and people move on, well… we'll just move on too."

    What's that supposed to mean? Sounds like you're going to give up to me if people move on.

    But why give up when you can finish it and make it something superior?

    I've been waiting for this for quite sometime and would be dissapointed if you rushed it or quit working on it because you feel people don't care when the fact is that people do care. :\

    You've already come this far with IHM, and are much closer to completion/victory, don't let it slip through you grasp now.

  4. Kerobeross says:

    My first commentary on this campaign :)

    Take your time, I prefer a bug-fixed/completed/enjoying map than an fast uncomplete work

    Keep up the good work, I'm french and I will follow all of this adventure with great attention ;)

    P.S= I will not buy l42, I have already played it and I am dissapointed even if they are some new interesting things

  5. Rainbow Duck says:

    I hope you know how much we really appreciate the work you are putting into to all of this. Loved Portal: Prelude already and you guys just keep giving… <3