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One of the things really worth mentioning [...] is the environmental details. It is truly captivating, the solitary lanterns and the fireflies combined with the ambient sounds give it a unique beyond-realistic atmosphere. —The_Garden (

I Hate Mountains Release

Posted by Nicolas in General, Progress

This is it, after more than one year in the making, here’s the first full version of the I Hate Mountains Left 4 Dead campaign. This version only works with Left 4 Dead 1 for the moment. See the README.txt inside the archive file for more informations!

Click here to download I Hate Mountains

For help and support, please visit:

If you can’t find help in the forums, you can try to drop us a word here:


113 Responses to “I Hate Mountains Release”

  1. ash says:

    oooh merci infiniment ^^

    je vais tester ça dès maintenant ,-)

  2. smalink says:

    Bon, je la telecharge^^

  3. dundee says:

    Guys you made my weekend nice fast download lets rock n roll


  4. adam0509 says:

    Bon allez je télécharge mais c’est vraiment pour vous faire plaisir hein !! :p

  5. Maeln says:

    HELL YEAH !!

  6. ASD says:

    downloading right now!

  7. James Curtis again for the millionth time says:

    OH Marry me and have my babies you sexy, sexy man beast! :D YOU just made my day :D

  8. vkdemon says:

    Off to the Mountains…

  9. mike576 says:

    Awesome! downloading right now :D

  10. mike576 says:

    Also I love you guys even more for knowing that the original l4d is the best one :D

  11. Bal says:

    Congrats on the release, and great work guys. ;)

  12. Jesus says:

    Muchas gracias señores! Bajando y deseando jugar que tiene muy buena pinta!!!merci beaucoup!!

  13. aragorn says:

    will ask three of my friends to download it and play it with me! \o/

  14. mikrocefal says:

    Merci , en + très ponctuel , rien que pour ça je vous félicite ! Vous apportez du bonheur à mon left4dead 1 !!! (je vais le tester avec mon mod perso “only 1 player” , grrr! je frissonne déja en mode solo sans aucun bots pour m’aider en 3D Nvidia !!!!)

  15. medvec says:

    Ha, already downloading! Thanks guys, it should be awesome!

  16. Islidox says:

    IT”S OUT!!!

    Btw, the megauploads link seems to be temporarily unavailable.

  17. Goolashe says:

    Gah! Curse my slow internet connection! It’s going to take a couple hours to download! D=

  18. Pierre says:

    Très bonne map, immense. Mieux que les officiels !

  19. Sebh says:

    Downloaded in 6 minutes! :D
    I have played the campaign and it is AWESOME! Really complex and rich environments with multiple paths! No bugs for my first game. A real polished campaign!

    I have to try it in versus now…

  20. vkdemon says:

    Played the campaign – AMAZING!! This is really cool!

  21. St@soN says:

    No bugs either. I liked the campaign very much. Just finished playing it. Very nice!
    And btw… I found a password! Yahooo =)

  22. adam0509 says:


    Bon alors j’ai bien aimé surtout la 4ème map, par contre, ya pas moyen d’avoir les effets de plui en détail moyen ? Apperemment ça marche que en élevé ou très élevé… ennuyeux :/

  23. Sinz says:

    Petit feedback de ma part :

    map 1 a 3 trop d’objet on est jamais a court de pipe ou de molo ni même de vie.
    map 4 a 5 presque pas de kit de soin (voir pas du tout ??) si je me rappelle bien, (sauf a la final bien sur) donc c’est tendu du genou surtout en expert.(pas de kit dans les safe room ??)

    En tout cas j’ai bien aimé super mapping qui fait souffrir mon petit pc :(, mais agréable a l’oeil et sympas a jouez. bravo a vous :)

  24. Tempy says:

    Excellent map! 5/5!

    Only bug I encountered was on the second map, the gate to the church where the helo crashes, causes you to get stuck in invisible structures, and is near impossible to get out of.

    • James Curtis again for the millionth time says:

      I came across that little problem, too. But it’s not that big, I think.

    • Jake says:

      Yeah, I got stuck to the ground at the helicopter crash site too. Went over to check out the helicopter, next thing I knew, I was glued to the ground.

    • Wheeljack says:

      Yeah, I had this, too. I think it’s related to the bots. I killed off two of them and suddenly I was able to move again.

      Some textures aren’t right as well. The writings on the walls sometimes go beneath the floor (start room chapter 2 for example).

      Still… amazing campaign.

  25. Sascha says:

    Simply perfect! Thanks for your Time and effort you guys have put into this.