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After playing through the campaign, we must admit we are impressed. Right from the beginning, it showed off impressive amounts of quality. We are eagerly looking forward to the full release. —FilePlanet Staff (by e-mail)

I Hate Mountains Release

Posted by Nicolas in General, Progress

This is it, after more than one year in the making, here’s the first full version of the I Hate Mountains Left 4 Dead campaign. This version only works with Left 4 Dead 1 for the moment. See the README.txt inside the archive file for more informations!

Click here to download I Hate Mountains

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113 Responses to “I Hate Mountains Release”

  1. xDay** says:

    10/10 :D

  2. Requiem says:


    Today just got a lot better.

  3. AlternatePFG says:

    Absolutely amazing. The level of detail is astonishing. Hopefully this will bring some players back to L4D, at least for a little while. Better than any of the official campaigns.

  4. Ewigo says:

    Excellente, quelques bug de collisions et des zombies pas toujours très présents mais à part ça c’est vraiment bien foutue ! on voit le boulot de malade qu’il ya derrière au niveau du level design, des textures etc
    Ah et il est également dommage d’avoir “spoilé” le coup de l’hélico dans le trailer mais bon c’est du détail
    Beau travail !

  5. DeinGesicht says:

    As far as appearance and locations go, this is superb! There is a framerate problem, though. I died on Chapter 5 and when it restarted, the framerate absolutely sucked. It corrected itself later on, but it was pretty bad.

    Another issue I encountered concerns the very first chapter. I did the snd_rebuildaudiocache in the console while in-game. After it was done on the loading screen and went back to my game, pressing Esc took me right back to that same loading screen. I could still get back to the game by hitting Esc again, but there was no way to access the game menu until the second chapter started.

    • said says:

      Yes is normal. You just have to re-start the game, it happened to me as well…

      • Tempy says:

        *Whoops accidentally post this as a normal reply*

        If you do the snd_rebuildaudiocache on the main menu, you don’t need to ctrl+alt+del out of L4D, just type exit into the console, and the game will close properly.

  6. DeinGesicht says:

    To add to what I said in my previous comment: It would probably be good if the readme said to type snd_rebuildaudiocache into the console DURING the campaign and not before. When I tried it from the main game menu, it never left the loading screen, even though the bar was full. (And of course, there’s still the problem I mentioned with seeing this loading screen during the game.)

  7. mikrocefal says:

    Campagne grandiose , mais un peu trop sombre pour moi. Les petits lampadaire des 2 premiere maps font du “ghosting” en 3D.
    Sinon du grand art , map super détaillé !

  8. MrMudd says:

    I checked your page almost every day since the project started! Just finished the campaign and I loved it! Easily the best custom campaign!

    I had one small bug on the second map! I got stuck in the choppers debris.

    Good job a lot of details in the map looove it!

  9. Sam says:

    Wow! Just completed the first campaign. Amazing! No bugs, great textures, a little difficult, great horde attacks…..just perfect. You guys really should be proud of yourselves. Excellent atmosphere. Ran perfect just letting the zip-file drop it into addons. Absolutely flawless. Thanks very, very much.
    Best regards (and I know what I’m doing this weekend), Sam

  10. said says:

    I just loved the campaign!!! I already finished it….Guys if some one want to play it on lan or knows which servers are running this campaign wether steam or not steam please let me know: whitevioletdragon is my steam ID

    TKS great work i loved all the details….i will send my glitches list soon…

  11. Aqualung says:

    Almost made me wet myself. Just simply AWE -wait for it – SOME. Only in Canada eh! Don’t have a clue how you do it but visuals effects are fantastic.

  12. bitkid says:

    Encountered the helicopter wreckage stuck bug on my first playthrough. Played 2 more times through after that and did not see the bug. Both myself and one of my friends got stuck the first time around. Awesome campaign and a really nice job. It definitely has a professional level of quality, but also a decidedly different feel from the official Valve campaigns. I kept thinking that the amount of time put into this must have been a LOT! I am telling all my Steam friends to download it.

    Now I need to find out what the “credentials” in the final house are for. :)

  13. R.T. Frisk says:

    Awesome guys, downloading right now to play with a couple of friends. Gonna be kick ass I’m sure!

  14. bitkid says:

    I’m just curious…how come you were not able to fix the helicopter stuck bug? Seems like a pretty major bug if it can happen (in my experience) 1 out of 3 times playing through that level.

    Other than that, I had no problems in the campaign.
    Good job!

  15. Fret says:

    Hail to the kings!

    Têtus comme des bretons vous y êtes arrivés, congrats!!

  16. R.T. Frisk says:

    Wow this is fantastic, you guys did an amazing job. Very well done!

  17. evilrazer says:

    Hello, The Creators. Glad you finally made it. Thank you very much for such a great work that you’ve done, thank you for this great masterpeace. And thank you for Portal: Prelude too.

  18. rubberman says:

    Nice campaign, had some fun with it. Only one problem, I find it too dark for my taste. The Left4Dead flashlight is too weak for this amounts of darkness.

  19. BiO says:

    Bravo à l’équipe la campagne semble excellente, cependant je suis resté bloqué dans les débris de l’hélicoptère 3 fois de suite en coopératif, impossible d’aller plus loin.

  20. orlyarly says:

    This is a very very nice campaign. I reinstalled L4D1 today and just so happened to hear someone talking about this, so I decided to give it a try.. and I’m definitely glad I did! :D

    I really liked the atmosphere and level design. The campaign really gives a good sense of adventure, enormity (both vertically and horizontally), and epicness!

    The Valve team should really learn from what you guys have done with this campaign. I also liked the “mountain” theme to it. Brings you from thick in the mountains, to a giant mansion, then to the lurking underground passages, and back out to the mountainous regions.


  21. dariuszek says:

    Thank You for your work!
    Campaign is awesome!

  22. Arkhanor says:

    Yeah, a realy awesome campaign. I had this problem in the second map too, got stuck in the invisible props and only could unstuck by noclip.

  23. mensaap says:

    Excellent campaign, enjoyed it, made me remember how excellent l4d1’s atmosphere is compared to l4d2.

    9,5/10 :) (had some game-breaking bugs, stuck 5 times in the ground and a crash midway)

  24. Yomgui says:

    Que dire. Une grande claque. Meilleure campagne jamais créée. Les développeurs de Valve sont des petits joueurs. Soyez bénis. Amen.

  25. Dirka_Dirka says:

    omg, was just reading the web on my laptop and i saw this posting.. ran into the other room to turn on pc and begin downloading… whee