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Just played it with my mates. One word... "AWESOME!". Really good custom campaign indeed, not surprising considering the same peeps who made Portal:Prelude. This custom campaign makes L4D1's DLC (Crash Course) like childplay... —tomatomanz (

I Hate Mountains Release

Posted by Nicolas in General, Progress

This is it, after more than one year in the making, here’s the first full version of the I Hate Mountains Left 4 Dead campaign. This version only works with Left 4 Dead 1 for the moment. See the README.txt inside the archive file for more informations!

Click here to download I Hate Mountains

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113 Responses to “I Hate Mountains Release”

  1. Sam says:

    OK, played it through twice, no problems. I love how the game changes a bit each time. Sometimes this way is open, sometimes it’s not. That will help give this game a bit more playability (if that’s a word!). So many people become bored because they always know what’s going to happen next. The randomness in this campaign has taken that issue away. Very nice. This is the kind of thing I wish others did, including the game developers themselves.
    You guys did a great, great job. Thanks again.

    PS I don’t see or get stuck on any invisible props in the second level. :~)

  2. Tempy says:

    If you do the snd_rebuildaudiocache on the main menu, you don’t need to ctrl+alt+del out of L4D, just type exit into the console, and the game will close properly.

  3. Scruffy says:

    Please get Valve to put this on the xbox!

  4. Raina Audron says:

    I have just finished it now with my friends, and WOW – I dare to say this is far more complex than the official campaigns by Valve! I loved the multiple pathing which is voluntary, great atmosphere of a forest, nicely decorated mansion, finally catacombs which were not boring and changed fluently into a railroad tracks&station – it took us more than 2 hours to get to finale! The changing weather from slight rain to lightning was cool. The arrows pointing out where to go where placed in a good way, however we often explored other parts as well. Original ideas how to call a chopper, then the unexpected crash, I liked it.
    My only complaint is that I have encountered a bug – after a helicopter crash I was stuck in an invisible wall when trying to get to cemetery & when trying to crawl under a tree trunk so I had to use no clip to get out. The music in the safehouse did not work for some reason :( It is also a bit too dark maybe, making zombies really hard to see. Overall, I give this 10/10, best custom campaign I have played (along with Silent Hill by beasllama). I hope you port it to l4d2 soon, cause melee combat is really missing in first l4d.
    I have enjoyed Portal Prelude and yet again, you entertained me guys! Thank you for creating such a great campaign.

  5. bitkid says:

    Its really too bad that asking people to pay a few bucks for this map would probably turn a lot of people off toward getting it, especially since L4D1 is basically dead on Steam now. You guys deserve to get paid for such an awesome work. I’ve already played through it 5 times now. Its insanely difficult on Expert, mainly because of the wide open areas. I’m trying to get more of my friends to download it but alas, not many people I know want to play L4D1 anymore. :(

  6. Ryan says:

    A very, very good campaign. I loved the ferns growing on the logs, etc.. reminds me of Tsitsikamma forest. Only one suggestion which isn’t really that necessary: The excellent transport in the finale should have slowed down more gradually as it reached the evacuation point and it’s ascent should have been shown. Other than that this campaign is better than any of L4D’s campaigns and Valve should feel ashamed of themselves for not fixing obvious problems that should be easy for them to fix with the game itself. I payed for L4D I expect them to hold up their side of the deal.

  7. Moreira says:

    It’s simply beautiful, a great campaign. Thank you guys for all your effort.
    Just one little thing, i got stuck at the heli crash site on the second map, hope you guys fix this soon

  8. Aqualung says:

    The images of the West Coast Air plane – 1st one is looking across Coal Harbour (Vancouver Harbour) ( Esso fuel dock gave it away), second Vancouver Harbour, BC

  9. StuKKa says:

    I love it, our community love it. It’s the best custom campaign I ever played…i love the details and the gameplay. It’s hard but amazing….Really great job…You made our weekend!

  10. Lulzy says:

    Can I has the L4D2 version of this awesome campaign?

  11. This is the best campaign for left4dead, even better of Death Aboard. I like also your sense of humor with the final and the zombies comes from the sea, LOL. Very impressive map. What Valve says about that?

  12. PeauVerte says:

    Merci beaucoup !! Thanks a lot! I love you and your work (Prelude fan inside) !

  13. Anna says:

    Great job, guys! Amazing campaign!
    With love from Russia ;)

  14. CastorJudo says:

    Bravo les gars, très très bien réalisé, plein de détails, très bonne utilisation des models, textures et skybox de l’épisode 2, bref il y a rien à redire!
    Superbe ambiance et le véhicule de secours génial !

    quelques problèmes tout de même que j’ai retenu:
    – les fameux débris d’hélico.
    – les infecté spéciaux qui restent bloqués par endroit (surtout sur la map 5), dont le tank sur la map 4 au niveau des rails de sécurité de la route.
    – les textures brick de la map 3 sont en trop basse définition on dirait, ca dénote vachement du reste (je chipote je sais ^^).
    – un peu trop sombre, on profite pas au maximum de votre magnifique boulot.
    – fâcheuse tendance à se perdre, même si j’adore cet aspect en coop.

    On voit que votre campagne a été pensée pour left4dead en coop, personnellement je l’imagine mal pour left4dead2 et en versus également, les environnements me semble trop complexe pour le gameplay en versus, mais je peux me tromper.

    Encore Bravo
    bon courage pour la suite.

  15. Unkei says:

    great campaign! i began playing L4D again just for this.

    don’t care about L4D2 :P

    @ Moreira
    i was stuck there too but if you keep forward key pressed you slowly but eventually get free :)

  16. Nogoodnms says:

    WOOT, AWESOME! i’ve been waiting for this for MONTHS

  17. Narno says:

    Good job guys, congratulation!

  18. dizzel says:

    That campaign is kicking ass actually! Design is on the top. It has everything – atmosphere, design, replayability, fun… Official maps looks like custom ones after playing “I Hate mountains”. I wish Valve to support you by adding officially your campaign in the game. Great job, guys. L4D is still fkin live! And i’m very glad.

  19. Lawliet says:

    Lovely campaign. Made me play L4D1 again.

    Nice terrain, atmosphere, and setup. Not too long, and not too short. Just nice for my taste.

    My only gripe is that the difference between the difficulty levels seem to be rather great. It was too easy on Normal and a little too difficult on Advanced.

  20. Luke says:

    Thanks guys, it’s a great campaign!

    The only problems is that it seems there are no dedicated servers hosting the campaign. I wanted to play coop tonight with a friend, but couldn’t find a server, so we had to give up. Hosting it locally was a no-go, since his ping was 1600+.

    Also, snd_rebuildaudiocache gets stuck when issued from main menu. You need to load a map (any map) and then do snd_rebuildaudiocache. Just mentioning it in case anyone has problems with it.

  21. Mike says:

    Incredibly fun campaign! The time you put into IHM has really paid off. Thank you!

  22. glubbar says:

    Played the campaign twice, and just loved it. Definitely the best add-on campaign ever made for L4D.
    I got the helicopter bug too, oh well.
    I love how wide some maps are. Especially liked the underground parts, fascinating level design.

  23. Aaron Jones says:

    Having played this twice, we could not see any evident second escape route. Got to a location, got fixed to the floor and couldn’t move, duck, jump just fire. Eventually got over run. No way out.

  24. Stefano says:

    Played it over and over and I can’t get at how detailed the whole thing is. I’ve been following this campaign from the beginning and was fearing the only thing stopping its awesomeness would be the lack of detailing like that of Valve campaigns, but this one surpasses Valves details and makes for an action packed L4D 1 revitalization. If this were an official campaign, you would not notice the difference, in fact, probably note it for being better.

    All the best, good luck for the success!

  25. Tersaken says:

    Bravo ! Belle architecture des niveaux, de superbes graphismes, une ambiance oppressante ! You did a real good job ! Just awesome !