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This may be a fan-made project, but it's a must-play if you are looking for a reason to revisit Left 4 Dead. —Ben Kuchera (

I Hate Mountains Release

Posted by Nicolas in General, Progress

This is it, after more than one year in the making, here’s the first full version of the I Hate Mountains Left 4 Dead campaign. This version only works with Left 4 Dead 1 for the moment. See the README.txt inside the archive file for more informations!

Click here to download I Hate Mountains

For help and support, please visit:

If you can’t find help in the forums, you can try to drop us a word here:


113 Responses to “I Hate Mountains Release”

  1. Mahlzeit says:

    I never thought that I would say this, but a portation to L4D2 isnt necessary at all. This is just perfect and better than anything else.

    (A portation would only make sense if the random-way-director would be used to block passages and make the player search for a way)

    Thx very much

  2. K says:

    Loved the campaign, really generated a sense of atmosphere and immersion. It wasn’t perfect, but it was excellent.

    What’s with the site coming off as a bunch of snarky comments directed at Valve, though? Definitely a sense-of-entitlement vibe going on here, especially with the things Valve has apparently done FOR the project.

    • Nicolas says:

      “especially with the things Valve has apparently done FOR the project.”
      Which means, nothing.

      • K says:

        I guess gratitude is an alien concept to some people.

        • K says:

          Wait, I lied! I realize I phrased that poorly. The fact that Valve contributed to the process when they were in no way obligated to makes the snarkiness even more uncalled for, and that pushes the entitlement vibe. I didn’t mean that Valve is contributing to the sense of entitlement by helping.

          • Nicolas says:

            Valve didn’t help us when we had issues, they didn’t fix the game, they didn’t supported it and they left us in the dark more than once when we asked them questions about things that were going wrong for no reason. Worse of all, they broke some features after the release and delayed our project by months. It’s probably out of their reach and they probably have better things to do, it’s just that I don’t think they deserve any praise. Now I agree we got a bit too sarcastic and acid at some point, but that’s the polite way of expressing 16 months of frustration and disillusions.

  3. Whiskey says:

    Really fun campaign, well put together. As entertaining as the origninals.

  4. vince says:

    For what it worth, I stopped playing L4D months ago.
    Thanks to you and IHT, it does sound like a rebirth

    congrat dudes, except “bioazard” area where we can be stuck, it is awesome.


  5. mOrbide says:

    Wonderful job ! :)

  6. StandarT says:

    Thanks Guys for this campaign. With my team, we have passed good time on these large maps with these beautifull landscape. Very good job ! I hope you could make it available for L4D2.

  7. k4ss says:

    Great campaing, nice job!! Congrats. Thanks!!

  8. Anomen says:

    I tried this out online a few times. I think the level design was superb. Very detailed.
    Its just sad though my experience playing it was ruined a 3 out of the 4 times I played this online. By the crap servers. Usually custom maps are on local server of the lobby leader, which usually ends up in a Disconnected from server error before the map is finished, or the servers that have custom campaigns have ridiculous mods.

    I have only complaint about the map is general. I think it was too dim. If you ever release a update maby turn up the hdr to like .6 or .7 in the light_environment and fog controller. This way it will give the illusion of being dark while being fully lit up. Like the official campaigns.

  9. Falko says:

    La carte a son petit succès dans le jeu!!! =)

    Bravo en tout cas, je trouve cette campagne limite mieux que les officielles xD

    Bonne route pour le portage sur L4D2, si vous le faites… =D

  10. Aqualung says:

    Still finding this an amazing campaign. keep finding new stuff and ways to go. Damn impressive work.

  11. Cheezyguy says:

    This campaign was awseome except on the second mission, were the helicopter crashes when you have th=o pass past the chopper i keep getting froze :/ i will be gratgefull for any help.

  12. Cheezyguy says:

    ^ sry for my terrible typing. it’s 6 in the morning in england -_-

  13. A says:


  14. Doc says:

    Je suis en train d’harceler pour qu’ils fassent enfin un article sur votre travail!!! :p
    à suivre…

  15. Hiruma FR says:

    Merci les gars !
    Vraiment très belle campagne !
    J’ai carrément pris mon pied, vous assurez grave !

    Une autre ? :p

  16. Rar says:

    A suggestion for missing material/ models in l4d2
    >>Combined Extra Assets Beta01
    It may help with the missing stuff.

  17. Johnny says:

    i played l4d for a long time on a rather high level. So i just want to fu***** thank you for this great campaing! You see everywhere that you love this game and played it a lot – especially on infected side ;-). I hope IHM will be played a lot!

    Greetings from Germany, Johnny

  18. CruZer says:

    VALVe vous fait de la pub sur leur blog

    GG les gars :-p

  19. coma1105 says:


  20. HeadBanger [GER] says:

    Hey guys.
    Heard from your campaign. Been told that it would be worth a try. Somebody showed me a video of it. Impressive.
    But now, I am playing it. The chapter with the helicopter-scene has a fat bug. Everytime you get in contact with any tiny part of the exploded helicopter, you get stuck. Then you have to die. No other choice.
    That’s bad and sad. Because this campaign really looks nice.