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After playing through the campaign, we must admit we are impressed. Right from the beginning, it showed off impressive amounts of quality. We are eagerly looking forward to the full release. —FilePlanet Staff (by e-mail)

Ambient screenshots

Posted by Nicolas in General

  1. Lost in the Woods
  2. Climbing the Manor
  3. The Underground Way
  4. Lumberyard Evacuation
  5. Lakeside Finale

1: Lost in the Woods

The survivors crashed their bus in an utility pole of this dark forest while fleeing. They must now find their way through the spooky North American mountains.

2: Climbing the Manor

The survivors got out of the forest and must now reach the highest point of this manor and try to launch a distress call from the radio broadcasting some tape loop.

3: The Underground Way

Escaped from the manor, the survivors are now fleeing through an old system of caves and tunnels running under the manor and through the mountains.

4: Lumberyard Evacuation

Freshly escaped from this oppressing cave system, survivors are now looking for help and rescue in the lumberyard nearby where military forces set up their outpost.

5: Lakeside Finale

Fleeing the now infected and desolated lumberyard, the survivors find themselves blocked by a lake and are eagerly waiting to be rescued by whoever could catch their signal.

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