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One of the things really worth mentioning [...] is the environmental details. It is truly captivating, the solitary lanterns and the fireflies combined with the ambient sounds give it a unique beyond-realistic atmosphere. —The_Garden (

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On this page, you must choose which version of the I Hate Mountains campaign you want to download. But to enjoy the campaign at its best, there’s a few things you’d like to do on the first time you play it because, well, let’s just say Valve didn’t really see the importance of fixing the game after they released it.

  • To successfully see our custom visual effects:
    Left 4 Dead 1: Temporary disable any custom campaign you may have installed except I Hate Mountains because they can overwrite themselves pretty bad due to engine limitations. To do this, go to Menu > Extra > Add-ons and uncheck the checkboxes near each content. This only include waterfalls, rotor wind, sprinklers rain and such, but plays a huge role in immersion.
    Left 4 Dead 2: Seems to be working now.
  • To successfully hear our custom sound effects:
    Left 4 Dead 1: Type snd_rebuildaudiocache in the game console in order to rebuild the game sound cache and include our sounds into it. You may prefer to do it with a game launched else it will freeze your game (but will still work). This only include ambient sound, but plays a huge role in immersion. To learn how to activate the game console, follow the previous link.
    Left 4 Dead 2: Everything should work straight out of the box, except a few missing sounds maybe.

  • To successfully see our hints:
    Because it can be quite intimidating to survive the first tries, enable the game instructor in Options > Multiplayer > Game Instructor and then, type gameinstructor_reset_counts in the game console to reactivate all the help messages.
Left 4 Dead 1 Left 4 Dead 2
Download for Left 4 Dead 1 Download for Left 4 Dead 2

The campaign was originally developed for Left 4 Dead 1. You can expect a fully polished campaign with everything we wanted you to enjoy from conversation between survivors to full visual effects and realistic environment.

If you’d have to pick between the two, we’d advise you to take this one! And if you don’t have Left 4 Dead 1 yet, you’re missing the best game out of the two!

The campaign was NOT originally developed for Left 4 Dead 2. You must not expect a campaign as polished as the first version but you will still probably enjoy it anyway. This is simply a direct port for the people who don’t own Left 4 Dead 1.

Things that will go wrong for sure? Probably some missing conversations between survivors, summer-clothed zombies in northern Canada, missing visual effects, missing objects and more importantly, the whole atmosphere was initially thought for Left 4 Dead 1. But still, it works!