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This may be a fan-made project, but it's a must-play if you are looking for a reason to revisit Left 4 Dead. —Ben Kuchera (

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Some screenshots

Posted by Marc in Media, Progress

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Hey guys, here’s a quick news to show you a screenshot for each of our levels.
I’ll let you find the improvements on your own!








Are you ready for more of the same?

Posted by Marc in Media, Progress

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Hi folks, it’s been a long time, but here are a few words to give you some news about I Hate Mountains. We know there is still some minor issues in our campaign and I’m personally working on fixing these since a few weeks now. I’ve been working on it during my occasional free time so it sure took a long time, but I think a patched release is on it’s way sooner than later. That’s why I’m posting this article right now.

If I’d have to summarize the updates that have been made, I would probably mention:

  • Updating some graphic elements to make it look better.
  • Various tweaks and fixes on the gameplay.
  • Some optimization of certain complex areas.
  • Fixing the score/points for the versus part of the campaign (which is the most important for you, we know).

Currently I’m doing some play-tests with colleagues during lunch time and it kinda comfort me that you should have this new patched version soon. So, are you ready to be part of the I Hate Mountains adventure once again?


Also, check out these guys playing on I Hate Mountains on Left 4 Dead 2.
There is a few epic moments!


Christmas news

Posted by Geoffroy in Media, Progress

Hi folks,

We are aware that most of you look forward to the L4D2 version of IHM. Unfortunatly, we must postpose the release of this version a month.

Before you blame us, let us explain the reasons of this delay. If you recently read our tweets, you probably know that agaming team is currently testing our campaign. During these tests, we encountered some significant and unusual bugs which have been never brought to light until now.

Actually, we fix the reported bugs, then we compile again the maps and we build a new VPK. Finally, the team tests it and finds other bugs to fix etc.

Previously, Lumberyard randomly crashed when a survivor picked a melee weapon. In the same kind of examples, sometimes there was almost no zombies in the Manor – quite embarrassing isn’t it?

We perfectly know that this L4D2 version of IHM is really expected. We just need few days more to tweak and refine the campaign. But we promess the campaign will be definitely released in January 2011.

Meanwhile, here is a little Christmas gift :

Again, be patient. I Hate Mountains will be a bit late for the Christmas day, but you’ll have it soon.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !